Personal Forecast Budgeting

Stay organized and in control of your bills, and never pay late again.
Manage your expenses and plan ahead by tracking your future account balance.

Cash Flow Forecasting

In the end, your account balance is what matters. Watch how spending today affects your balance in the future. If you don't see red, you are good to go!

A More Natural Approach

Monthly budgeting is hard to stick to. Our weekly projection approach makes it easier for you to organize. Each week you focus only on what is due.

Never Pay Late Again

Receive email reminders every Sunday, of what is due each week. Get on-the-day reminders for bills that you still forgot to pay.

How it Works

  • You enter your starting account balance
  • You enter your income/expenses and how often they occur (e.g., bi-weekly)
  • Watch what happens to your account balance weeks or months in advance
  • Make decisions and plan ahead based on your expected balance
  • Easily make changes to your estimates as you go along
  • Get reminders of what is due so you never pay late again