Microsoft Money Replacement

If you’re looking for a Microsoft Money replacementyou may want to check out Kualto. I keep hearing from a lot of our users about how they used to use Microsoft Money in the past, before Microsoft discontinued it. I personally never used it but I know its Cash Flow Forecast feature was one of its biggest draws among its users, for the same reason we decided to create Kualto.

If you were a fan of Microsoft Money‘s Cash Flow Forecasting, you know what the problems are with the traditional budgeting approach offered by tools like Mint and YNAB. They let you create these monthly budgets but you don’t get paid on a monthly basis, do you? And you don’t pay bills on a monthly basis either. Budgets are helpful for restricting your spending on a month-to-month basis, but that’s it.

Cash Flow Forecasting allows you to see your financial future, not just your past. It tells you how much money you will have at any particular time, before and after each of your bills are due.

Cash Flow Forecasting is not just a Kualto feature. Kualto is a personal cash flow forecast tool built entirely with forecasting in mind because cash flow forecasting is a much more flexible and realistic approach to managing your money.

With Kualto you can actually see whether or not you can afford that new TV because it lets you see what the consequences are of your spending before you make your spending decisions.

You can play around and enter transactions to see how they will affect your balance in the future. If you don’t see Red in the balance report, you can be confident that you can afford to spend the extra money, or save the extra money, whatever the case may be.

Below is an example of our Balance Forecasting Report. It takes data from your repeating bills, repeating income, and any one-off expenses that you enter, and lets you look into your financial future, like a crystal ball.

Kualto Balance Forecasting Report (Replacement For Microsoft Money)

If you have yet to find a good Microsoft Money replacement that suits your needs, try Kualto by signing up for our free 30-day trial. You start off by entering the current balance of one of your bank accounts. You then enter your recurring income and bills, and you can watch what your account balance is expected to be at any point in the future, which will help you make better decisions about how much money you can actually afford to spend, or save.